Agency Service

We provide full assistance in Shipping/Port Agency activities to owners/Charterers/Managers.

Port Agency Service are as below:
§ Shipping Agent (Bulk/Feeder/Tanker/Container/RO-RO/Liner/Naval/UN-AID Cgo).
§ Owner's Agent or Owner's Protecting Agent.
§ Charterer's Agent & Liner Agent.
§ Agent for Vessel Scrapping/Demolition.
§ Inward/Outward Entry with Port/Customs/Immigration.
§ Chittagong Outer Port Limit (OPL) Services.
§ Chittagong Outer Anchorage Services.
§ Why you will choose Shipping Services at Bangladesh Port?
§ Excellent relations and goodwill with Port Authorities(CPA), Customs, Coast Guard and Chamber of Commerce.
§ Quick turnaround of vessels/containers even if on port congestion.
§ Quality service as well as with lowest possible PDA.
§ Proper scheduling and rapid operation.
§ Excellent management.
§ Best local business network.
§ Free of charge consultancy.
§ Proper scheduling and rapid operation.